Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pat Mills and The Secret History Of British Comics Plus Mark Millar's Netflix Deal

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Great Conversation with legendary writer Pat Mills, who's done just about everything in British comics, from creating the 2000AD Megazine to co-developing Judge Dredd with John Wagner., and co creating Marshal Law, The ABC Warriors, Charley's War, and dozens of other series in virtually every genre.

Pat discusses his 2 new books Be Pure Be Vigilant Behave-2000AD and Judge Dredd The Secret History, which documents his career triumphs and frustrations as he created and guided the evolution of British Comics. His other book is a fictional funny crime novel set in the brit comics world of the 1970's Read'Em & Weep Vol 1: Serial Killer co created with his Marshal Law partner Kevin O'Neil . Pat talks frankly about his excitement in getting into the prose publishing business, the British American and French comic markets, why he's  never wanted to write American superheroes, and his thoughts on the past and future film and TV adaptations of Judge Dredd

Then a look at the new deals Robert Kirkman & Mark Millar have made with streaming networks Amazon Prime & Netflix, including a flashback listen to my 2015 talk with Mark about his feelings then about streaming television versus films . Congrats to both creators for pushing comics and television forward with these exciting new deals.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Playboy's Comic Book Legacy With Author Patty Farmer

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Author Patty Farmer is back with a new book chronicling the history of Playboy. Her new book Playboy Laughs collects interviews and stories of the Playboy Clubs role in the evolution of stand up comedy . The cultural shift from "Take My Wife...Please" jokes to the "sick" styles of Lenny Bruce Shelly Berman & Bob Newhart, The breakthrough women like Joan Rivers and Lily Tomlin and the comics of color starting with the meteoric rise of Dick Gregory.

Plus Farmer takes an informative look at the cartoonists who were part of Playboy magazines from the start. From Jules Feiffer and Jack Cole to EC comic legends Harvey Kurtzman Jack Davis Al Jaffee Will Elder and more.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Video-Alex Ross Hot Wheels From Mattel

Had a great conversation with The Hot Wheels guys about these fun Alex Ross proto type cars featuring The Justice League

X-Men New Mutants Panel Live From San Diego Comic Con

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We follow up our last episode with Bill Sienkiewicz and his New Mutants retrospective panel from the San Diego Comic Con. Great observations from Bill and wonderful memories and questions from our live audience. Enjoy !

Monday, July 17, 2017

Bill Sienkewicz On Elektra Assasin Daredevil and The New Mutants

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In preparation of our San Diego Comic Con panel this Thursday at 2:30pm (RM24abc) Bill joins us to talk about many of his greatest collaborations in the 80s and 90s. From Chris Claremont with New Mutants , his Daredevil work with Frank Miller, David Mack and Brian Bendis.

You'll hear Bill's origin story, breaking into comics, developing his impressionist painting style, and so much more.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Tom King Unmasks Batman Mr Miracle Swamp Thing and More

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Tom King is back to preview his run on Mister Miracle in a 12 issue maxi series that starts next month. He tells us the "List" of what needs to be in a great Batman stories and how he broke so many of these axioms.

You'll hear about his latest stories in Batman, including the engagement of Batman & Catwoman , The Hunt For Swamp Thing's Father Batman and Flash vs The Watchmen Universe and the current War Of Jokes  And Riddles

Friday, July 07, 2017

Shane White's Robot Scifi Braun and Surf Noir Dead Man's Curve

Great Chat With Shane about his book Braun, a great sci-fi robot adventure graphic novel and a yet to be published surf noir Dead Man's Curve 

Monday, July 03, 2017

Mitch Gerads performs Miracles With Batman Swamp Thing and The New Gods

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Great conversation with Mitch, who along with Tom King created the amazing Sheriff Of Babylon. The team has also been killing it on Batman, with stories featuring Catwoman and Swamp Thing.
We get the lowdown on the upcoming work on a 12 issue maxi series about Mister Miracle and The New Gods , plus look back on his runs on The Activity and The Punisher.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Inside Secret Empire With Nick Spencer

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We welcome Nick back to talk about the first issues of the Captain America Event that has the internet buzzing!

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Wonder Woman Chat With The Animated Amazon Herself, Susan Eisenberg

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Susan Eisenberg Voice actor extraordinaire who's played the Amazing Amazon since the Justice League animated series from Cartoon Network is back! We talk about the greatness of the new film, her own encounters with Gal Gadot on the red carpet and more!

Susan also fills us in on her new WW roles in the Injustice 2 Game, and a very cool DCU online game Age Of Justice- A time traveling adventure featuring the Golden Age Justice Society !

Saturday, June 10, 2017

In Memory- The Adam West Interview

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With the passing of Adam West, Presenting this 2016 conversation.
For the DC Animated Film Return Of The Caped Crusaders .

West reflects on his contributions to the Batman mythos.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Wynonna Earp's Creator Beau Smith On Season 2 and The IDW Comics

Beau Smith returns to talk about the Earp Comics from IDW and the SYFY channel TV series which returns for season 2 this Friday. Beau tells us about co-writing the comics with cast members Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon . We also talk about the show's unique perspective as a prequel to the comics. 

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The Rise and Fall Of NBC's Powerless w Co Producer Showrunner Patrick Schumacker

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NBC's Powerless had a short network run, only 9 of 12 filmed episodes . The show had a great cast and funny premise, but it just didn't make it.

Patrick Schumacker, the show's producer co- showrunner came in to work on the series after the pilot and had to run a writer's staff to  tweak it before it's February mid season premiere . Patrick came from good comedy stock, on shows like  Surviving Jack, Shit My Dad Says  and Cougar Town

This is a great look at today's struggles in the scripted series world.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Elliot S! Maggin Talks Superman Miracle Monday Back In Print and More

The great Superman comic writer and novelist is back to announce the re-release of Miracle Monday. This is a great pre-crisis era novel that holds up for an adult audience.

Elliot gives us the details on how the book project came about, starting as a film treatment meant for the first 1978 Superman film.

You'll learn how Mario Puzo's contract demands to write the Superman script resulted in a backdoor opportunity for Elliot's Superman novels to be published, including Last Son Of Krypton. Will DC commission that book to come back?

Plus some great stories about working for DC from the 70's to the early 90s.

Elliot has more publishing plans too. Buy Miracle Monday at Amazon, or Elliot's website .

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I'm a guest on The Off Panel Podcast

David Harper of The Sktchd website had me on his Off Panel Podcast
to discuss my 12 years doing Word Balloon and some of the other issues in the comics and podcast worlds. We had fun chatting!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Paul Cornell on The UFO Conspiracies Behind IDW's Saucer State

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Paul Cornell is back to talk about Saucer State, his and Ryan Kelly's new IDW comic that continues the epic UFO story they started in Vertigo's Saucer Country .

This is Vol 2 of the story, but after reading issue 1, you'll get caught up very fast on what you need to know about The newly elected US president who thinks she'll finally get to the bottom of her own UFO encounters in her past.

We also have our obligatory talks about Doctor Who and Paul's great contributions to the Who mythos.

Plus His new novel Chalk which includes it's own pop music soundtrack playlist . As the novel description puts it..."Paul Cornell plumbs the depths of magic and despair in this brutal exploration of bullying in Margaret Thatcher’s England."

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Frank Barbiere Talks Violent Love Five Ghosts Return and More

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Frank is back to talk about the release of the first Violent Love trade, out this Wed. We talk about his co-creator Victor Santos, how they got together, and more. Violent Love is a great crime story set in the 60s & 70s. These guys really captured the look and feel of the era. Darwyn Cooke Parker fans will love this series.

We also talk about the coming return of Five Ghosts, Franks ongoing series with co creator Chris Mooneyham. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Karl Kesel On Superboy The (Jewish) Thing and Kickstarting Section Zero

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The writer inker is her to talk about reviving his and Tom Grummet's series section Zero started in Gorilla Comics in 2000 which halted in mid story, to be revived in a current Kickstarter Campaign.

We talk about Karl's beginnings from his Kubert School days, to his inking big DC events like The History Of The DC Universe Legends, to writing the Final Night event with Stuart Immonen, to joining the superman writers during the Reign Of The Supermen . Karl and Grummet co-created the Kon-El Superboy and had 2 big runs of the character in his book and Adventures Of Superman .

We also talk about his Marvel work including being the inker of Mike Wieringo & Mark Waid's FF run. Karl is also the FF writer who made Ben Grimm Jewish . We talk about his runs on Daredevil and the Captain America 1940's comic strip. Lots of great stories about Karl's collaborations over the years.